Maintain an environmentally healthy home

A thermostat on a wall only provides temperature feedback at that location, and a smoke detector only detects the presence of smoke. The Butterfly detects and notifies you if any key environmental conditions will affect your family's health; allowing you to take action.

Settings are based on EPA, WHO and university study settings for the ideal environment and can easily be adjusted if desired. Keep a Butterfly in appropriate rooms and take one with you when you travel.

Protection from environmental pollutants in your office/workplace

No matter how small or large, every employer needs to create a safe and healthy working environment. This obligation not only stands as a moral imperative and legal obligation but also makes financial sense.

If your employer is not providing you with environmental health safety reports, don’t worry. Take the Butterfly with you to detect, record and notify you if environmental conditions will effect your health.

Staying in environmentally healthy Airbnb/hotel rooms or rental properties

Every day, millions of people are checking into hotel rooms, apartments, rental homes, and luxury resorts all over the world to spend their time in a healthy, relaxing, and quiet environment. As a landlord or hotelier, it’s important to provide a healthy environment to your guests, while protecting your property and guaranteeing quiet tenants to your neighbors.

As a guest, take the Butterfly with you to ensure the property you are staying in is environmentally safe.

Monitoring your baby’s environment to improve child development

Adverse environmental conditions and pollution are a major contributor to childhood deaths, illnesses and disability.

It is estimated that infants sleep for 50 to 60 percent of the day, and the environment around your children is critical to their health and growth. Traditional baby monitors allow you to watch or listen to your infants but fall short in monitoring their environmental health. The butterfly provides you with practical feedback on environmental conditions, allowing you to maintain a healthy space for your children.

Reducing the impacts of environmental pollutants during childhood development

Children are more sensitive to environmental pollution and face special risks since their lungs, immune and psychological systems are growing. All worldwide health organizations have flagged environmental health for children as a concern. During periods of rapid growth and development, normal biological process can be disrupted.Send your children to school or ask the teachers to place the Butterfly in the classroom to protect your children from the effects of the environment.

Maintaining the correct environment for food and medicine storage is critical

When food is stored in restaurants and our homes, monitoring and controlling correct environmental conditions not only maintains the “Use-By” dates but provides confidence spoilt food does not affect our health. This is even more critical for medicine and food during the complete chain from farmer/drug company to our homes.
When selecting “Food Storage” from the user app, The Butterfly is automatically set up to notify you when the correct environmental conditions are out of the limit - providing comprehensive protection for food storage.

Proper Wine Storage and Protection

"Provenance" is the most important concept in the fine wine market, a catch all term referring to whether the wine is genuine and more importantly how well it has been stored and kept. The way wine is stored impacts the way it tastes when served. Collectors have no control over how their wine was made, but after purchasing, it’s up to them to treat the bottles properly and in ways that will increase their flavor and value.Proper wine storage in wine cellars requires managing temperature, humidity, light, air quality, and vibrations. The Butterfly detects if any of these conditions are out of limits notifying you to take action before your wine is compromised.